AW 1213

”little monster” is about getting away with it! Behaving badly, drinking other peoples beerEating tons of junk food, cheating on your boy/girlfriendForgetting mommy’s Prada bag at a bar, being late at school!But still get away with it.He is mommy’s little monster!Being loved by everybody, looking fit and fabulous, being forgiven over and over again and graduating with honers!These kinds of guys have been an endless inspiration for designers in years.Everybody admires and envy the guy that gets away with everything.He becomes a style icon just by closing his eyes and grab something the closet!
campaign pics:photo: morten bengtsson JSB
 cphstyling: shelley maris
model : mikkel 1st option copenhagen
assistant and raineffects: kasper h hansen
assistent and smokeeffects: daniel schriver
intern: martin kejser
amager jan 2012 JSB studios

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