Questionaire ID`ESQUE : joey MA


What do you do?
I work for family business, trading exporting/importing business.
What inspires you?
Abstract oil painting inspires me. Watching people on the street inspires me. Street snapshots inspire me. Modern Architecture inspires me. The way I style my clothings inspires myself.
What was your big break?
I would say my big break was the time I studied in Boston. I was 20yo and I finally started to get to know who I really am. And I realized being in a rather conservative city, I really didn't give a damn about what other people think of me, and ever since then, I just wear whatever I want.
What is most essential to what you do?
The most essential thing to what I do would be mind manipulating. I work with 2 opposite kinds of cultures. As the boss, I need to make a great balance for my employees. Since they are from 2 different countries, 2 different culture backgrounds, so I constantly have to switch my mind back and forth when I communicate with them.
What might people be surprised to learn about your job?
Well, when they first look at me, they will never think I would be in the trading business with fruit products, I think this is the biggest suprise already haha
What are the dangers of your job?
The danger of my job would be dealing with serious corruptions from the customs, ports, farms, etc. I have to constantly check the business bank accounts.
Best and worse career point:
Best career point: To get the deal done with the Middle East countries.
Worst career point: Working with my dad may be haha

We are allways excited to see how people wear our stuff.

we are proud that joey chose our leopard sweat from our summer 2010.

Joey is a dresser extraordinaire!