Questionaire : AW13 / RENEGURSKOV at THE YMCA

What do you do?

Designer for RENEGURSKOV_men + GIRL and co-owner of INCIRCUS:DK  

What inspires you?

For fall winter we visited the YMCA in New York – the 1978 version. It all started with the song YMCA by the village people. With innocent lyrics about the good things the YMCA do for men in NEW YORK – but by looking at the band dressed up as gay clichés – it is clear they were also referring to cruising activity that was rumoured to take place at YMCA. This funny mix of good values and cruising in of the catchiest tunes ever writing inspired us to to this collection. The collection is both innocent – almost childish cute and streetwise hard. It was important for us this year to return to the street and not always live under the disco light. We used the original graffiti (from 78) as graphic inspiration and mixed it with childish bears, hearts and the looks of the village people. The silhouette is loose with pants looking like skirts. Sweatshirts are slimmer with asymmetric details. Puffed up jackets and mini “furs” The woodland camouflage is a street classic – we mixed it fake fur in fluorescent colours. We believe that nightclubbing is part of our dna – so of course we added a silver tracksuit to the collection. As accessories, we suggest knitted teddy bears. 

What was your big break?

For this collection the big break was my students made me aware of a new generation of rappers – with a new sound and without the ghetto attitudes and most of all non homophobic.

What is most essential to what you do?

When we start a collection – we start with the music – the sound of the collection!

What might people be surprised to learn about your job?

I think all the writing we do before we start sketching – all our inspiration is first writing, then pictures and finally sketches 

What are the dangers of your job?

I might sometimes forget that all our customers do not look like a Korean popstar!

Best and worse career point:

Best: astrid from FRESH/whosnext who arranged and paid our first showing in PARIS
Worst: The fabrics that never are delivered!

photos by kasper harup-hansen
make up by shelley maris /foxjump
modelled by per kristian / clickmodels la
grafitti by martin kejser
teddy by bente gurskov
lookbook modelled by sebastian