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Rene Gurskov is a designer that Amal came across and immediately  introduced me to as she knows how much I love men fashion and I enjoy this kind of fashion the most..Rene's fashion is very street with an artistic touch and a unique factor, this makes it easy to tell him apart of other designers today...The fabrics, the cuts and the prints are all factors which can capture any raw fashion lovers, as I was reading about him and doing my homework I realized he was one of the favorite designers in Asia specially in the fashion capitals  Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.
Getting to know the designer...

- Please introduce Rene Gurskov and  "In Circus" to our readers.
I am a Danish born and Copenhagen based designer - graduated from the school of couture in Copenhagen.Incircus was originally a designgroup started by 2 Danish designers, Lene Villadsen and Jeanne Drasbaek.

As I was reading the about section in your website I realized that it was basically about "In Circus" and how did this store support the young talents in Denmark back in the 90's and how it lunched your brand out to the world... take us back before that..

- Tell us more about how you joined it?
The 2 founders saw a menswear show i did with some friends at a nightclub, they asked me to join the group in the early 90ties when i was still studying. incircus had 25 members and we did some very successful shows and exhibitions - before starting the shop.

- As a young designer getting to display your designs in such a store.. what went through your mind? and when did you show your first collection?
You know - we did not think anything than of course we can do it! the opening show was a huge success and broadcasted live from Copenhagen on MTV - that was in 1992, sales wise it was also a success - it seemed to many peoples surprise that there was a huge audience for our clothes.
by the end of the first year American ELLE put our shop on the list of their favorite shops in Europe.

Its every designers dream to show their art in the Fashion Capital Paris.. when was your first time to show your designs there, and where?
in 1994 i was invited to the linen competition "THE GOLD THREAT" - I came in 3rd and did an exhibition at La  Trocadero.
- What was the inspiration for your AW 2012-13 collection?
We did a theme called little monster - it was about the horrible boys that everybody loves. the ones who always look good and gets away with everything - also in dressing

- I must admit that the prints which you choose for your designs are quite unique, do you usually search for your material  to match your inspiration? or the other way around? 
A few years ago we decided to do our own fabrics. so when we start a new collection we do both silhouettes and graphics. I work with a group of graphic designers in Hong Kong, New York and Copenhagen to ensure a global look.

- Your brand has a very good base in Asia specially Tokyo and Seoul tell us more about that?
it just happened-I showed my second menswear collection in Copenhagen and another Danish designer told his Japanese customer to check out my things - apparently they liked it - they placed a huge order! the fashion circle works like this - when you have success in Tokyo - the rest of the world follows. Today we work with a great agency in Tokyo and they take care of our business over there.

- Who would like to dress in the future? 
I hope still to dress the Korean superstar Yung Key from the band SHINee
I also think that Adam Lambert would look great in our things.
- Where do you usually find the inspiration for your brand? 
I start up with music (electronic, classical, arabian ) and fashion history.
I also find it inspiring to discuss fashion with colleagues - in CopenhagenTokyo and Paris.

- Is the brand available in the middle east? and where?
until last year we were at anma group in Jeddah and Riyad - at the moment they are trying out a new concept for their stores, but i hope to be back there soon.

Its more then just a passion...

What were the symptoms that made you realize as a kid that Fashion designing is what you want to adopt as profession?
I come from a handicraft family - my mother allways knitting and my farther building something, my sister and I built little houses of carbon-boxes for barbie and action man - and of course clothes too. Later on I started to do 2 annual collections a year by drawing (starting at 9 years) so there was never anything else!

- Who were your role models and muses growing up?
I loved Boy George and Grace Jones - still do...

- Describe your personal style and your brand..
I myself is not a big dresser - I am in jeans and some sweatshirt allways with funny sneaks and a cap. Our brand image is much louder - it is all about expressing yourself.
- Name your most favorite fashion brands..
I like Vivienne Westwood, Comme Des Garcons and Hussein Chalayan

- Name 3 shops you buy from religiously..
Muji in paris, Yoox online and  Comme Des Garcons  where ever I see one.

- As a designer you must be traveling a lot.. name three must in the bag...
Easy. Margiela jeans, gold sneaks from CDG and a load of Clarins products.

More about you...

- What are your future projects & dreams?
we are considering a women's collection.... and a paris fashion show

- Name 3 fashion items you can't live without?
Jeans - bomber jackets and caps - stuff i have been wearing for 30 years

- A Celebrity male & female you've been eyeing their style?
Joey Ma from Hong Kong is the current king and queen of fashion - nobody in the world dresses like him, I am so lucky that he wears my stuff too. I like that Meryl Streep ignores fashion and never dresses for the red carpet.

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