Lars Johansen - the graphic mastermind behind some of our best prints.
Graduating this spring from Denmarks Design School.

le qustionaire:

What do you do?
Thinking and graphic design.

What inspires you?
Basically anything I see or hear have an inspiring influence on my work but I often find myself going for the 'wrong', 'ugly' and 'off'.

What was your big break?
Getting into collage making, which I would say is still the basic tool or philosophy for everything I do.

What is most essential to what you do?
Putting things together.

What might people be surprised to learn about your job?
I once spend a good three months (together with a good friend) coming up with the concept for a coffeemaker that would produce coffee only when two persons were seated on two chairs at once.

What are the dangers of your job?
Spending too much time on things that are meaningless.

Best and worst career point:
The worst point was definitely packing diapers in the suburbs for a month to earn enough money to pay for school. The best point I feel is just around the corner…


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